Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All-Season: Ultra-light Warmth

Sleeping in a sleeping bag outdoors under the stars is great. Sleeping with a mattress pad between you and the cold, hard earth is even better. Very soon sleeping on the ground will almost feel like sleeping in your own bed or on a soft cloud with the new all-season mattress pad by Therm-a-Rest. At a weight of only 19 ounces the NeoAir rolled will take up the same amount of space in a pack as a 1-liter water bottle, yet keep you warm and comfy in the cold night air.

“Sleeping on the NeoAir All-Season isn’t only exceedingly comfortable, it’s crazy warm.”

Adventure Journal’s Michael Frank tested the NeoAir at temperatures below zero to see if he could travel light by day and stay warm by night. He did this quick review on how it performed.

Although its price tag of $140-$170 is a bit heavy, the NeoAir is ultra-light in your pack so you can travel fast and light on the trail.


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