Lighten Up! Tips For Packing Light From A World-Class Mountaineer

Who wants to be weighted down by unnecessary extra gear? Fitz Cahill writes about mountaineer expert Colin Haley’s advice on how he packs for his mountain trips.  He bases his packing advice on three main pillars which are essential to both your overall enjoyment as well as increasing the odds of a successful trip.  Specifically, he imparts some wisdom that is at the core of what PathWrangler is all about:

Comfort Is a Luxury
“Every item I bring is something I feel is either important to succeeding or important to staying alive. An item that makes me more comfortable, but isn’t critical to success or survival, is left behind,” says Haley. Collect as much pre-trip data as possible—from weather reports to campfire conversation—to formulate a checklist. Based on that information, imagine the absolute bare necessity of what you need to be successful and bring that.

To give you a hint, PathWrangler’s core functionality helps users to do just as Haley suggests: collect as much pre-trip data as possible, form checklists as well as collaborate with those who are going on the trip with you.  That’s not all it does – we’ll be revealing our product in more detail as we close on our launch date, but we believe that being prepared for a trip is critical and we aim to make it easier (and more fun!) than ever before.


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