Eric Remza Guiding Kilimanjaro (IMG Expedition)

Co-founder and climbing guide Eric Remza is going to be guiding Kilimanjaro in Africa.  He is guiding the trip through our friends at IMG.  We’ll be following the expedition through IMG’s blog as Eric relays updates back to the States via Sat phone.

A little information on Kili.  It is one of the 7 Summits: the tallest mountain on the African continent towers at 19,340ft.  It is a non-technical mountain, but try telling that to your legs and your lungs.  At 19,340 ft, the altitude can pose serious risks to those attempting to climb it, so a good acclimatization plan and proper preparation beforehand are required.  Altitude is very unpredictable on the human body, so having a guide with lots of experience like Eric is strongly recommended for the beginner.

Kilimanjaro offers a rather spectacular experience for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.  The geography and biodiversity found there is rather unmatched as you go through five different vegetation zones from the bottom to the summit (and back down!).   The zones are; farmland, forest or jungle, heather and moorland, highland desert and the summit zone (volcanic rock and the remnants of the glacier left).  It is hard to find many places like this anywhere else in the world.

I received a note that the team has just arrive in Tanzania.  We’ll be following them along as they make their way.  Good luck everyone!

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