Slacklining in Moab

Slacklining is a fun sport and an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors. In theory the higher off the ground a slackliner is, the more of an adrenaline rush he could achieve.

I have seen slacklining practiced in city parks between trees with the ground close by. Slacklining is known as highlining when it is done very high off the ground and a safety line is needed. The beginning of this video was shot using a helmet cam and it made me feel like I was the slackliner balancing on a thin nylon rope over a deep rocky bowl of red earth. I did not want to look down, but I could not help it. I actually got a bit nervous sitting in my chair, but was extremely impressed by the mental and physical prowess of these people. Doing this in scenic desert of Moab must just add to the thrill of this sport.


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