Ski Descent of Mt. Everest’s Lhotse Face

“…we would look at each other with these ‘holy shit’ grins…”

It is summit season on Everest and Aspen skiers Chris Davenport and Neal Beidleman are climbing the south side of Mt. Everest as guides. The mountain gods blessed them with good weather so they took advantage of some free time to ski the Lhotse Face from just above Camp III, something that has only been done a handful of times in the past. Steve Casimiro had this to say about it along with some great shots:

So some dude tweeted and made a phone call from the summit of Mt. Everest. Whoop-de-do. Technology is like the Blob, it will be everywhere eventually, and that’s not even remotely interesting. On the other hand, Chris Davenport and Neal Beidleman just ripped it up on the Lhotse Face, the 40- to 50-degree pitch that serves as part of the classic Everest route, and that’s rad: legs, lungs, and lack of oxygen woven together in sets up perfect turns.

Ever skied a long run where your legs are burning and you are gasping for air?  Well, take that, multiply it times a million.  These guys carving tracks down the Lhotse Face at 23,000 ft must have set their legs and lungs on fire more so than if they drank a flaming bottle of kerosene.

Oh, and there was still the tallest mountain the in the world left to climb afterward.


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