Leki Micro Trekking Poles Put To Test In Patagonia

“What makes them most unique is the poles’ three-part shaft…”

Leki, a company that designs trekking poles in cooperation with athletes and certified mountain guides, has designed a break-apart pair of poles. T.C. Worley over at Gear Junkie got his hands on an advanced pair and wrote this review after having tested them in Patagonia, Chile.

What I find attractive is the compact size for ease in carrying and traveling and the Speedlock Locking System. At $150 a pair these Micro poles’ innovative technology will probably catch the eyes of advanced trekkers as well as a few weekend hikers.



  1. Well, even with this weather, the fihnisg is still great. So get out, dress warm and stay dry, you will be surprised what you might stick. The Lower Sac is where it’s at right now. Big rainbows, a lot of bugs and with the flows at 4000cfs, the river is in perfect condition. Most of the fish being landed are 14-18 , but being that it is the lower sac, there have been some piggy’s in the 20-22 class landed too, with a few hooked in the mid 20s as well. While most of the big fish are all about the stones, the smaller guys are keying in on caddis and mayflys, but also glo bugs and unreal eggs the higher up you get in the river. As far as equipment goes I like to use my Redington CPX 10’6” 6wt switch with Rio’s 6/7 Switch line, but a 10ft 5wt or 9’6” 6wt rods would do just as good and don’t forget about tippet, 2-4x fluoro is the way to go with the clear water. What’s nice about this time of year is that there are a lot of big fish in the system and hooking one in the mid 20 s is not uncommon. Again the Lower Sac is where it’s at. The American River is fihnisg fair. The winter fish are still in either spawning or are down runners aka post spawn. Please watch were you wade, and please don’t step on the redds. These down runners are just that, all done spawning and heading back down river to head to the ocean to get ready for next year’s run. But while heading back they are easily persuaded to eat whatever you throw, whether it’s swung or drifted in their direction. Please land and release these fish ASAP. With these past few storms, the fihnisg has really picked up. We have seen some fresh winter/spring run steelhead come in, and it will only get better as the days go by and with the rain still coming down in the weeks to follow. If you like to swing, well get out and do it. It’s that time to swing for those BLUEBACKS. Swinging slim black patterns have been producing nicely for me, while others are doing well with egg sucking leeches, I do know personally that tradition black spey patterns are working well too. If you like to nymph, find areas that steelhead will hold before or after a chute that has some depth and be ready. Using glo bugs, unreal eggs, mayflys, caddis and steelhead nymph patters are working well. Again I love using my 10’6” Redington 6wt switch, but 10ft 6wt and 10ft 7wt rods will work too, and tippet again 2-4x fluoro is the way to go. Bluebacks are in, and it’s time to get out and hunt them down. The Feather River is slow right now, with a fish or 2 landed each outing. But don’t be discouraged, it can pop off at anytime with some of the best steelhead fihnisg in the valley. March is when it starts and doesn’t die down until almost June. Fishing for these guys is a bit different than your normal steelhead, where you are using bright steelhead patterns and nymphs. These guys are just like big trout, so your smaller mayflys, caddis, san juans, Montana princes, fast water princes and stones work the best. But having a few drys in these patterns and a few glo bugs and unreal eggs in your box won’t hurt either. I know it sounds like a broken record, but I like my 10’6” Redington 6wt switch, but a 10ft 6wt or 7wt is all you need for this river, and again 2-4x fluoro tippet is best on this clear water. These fish are hot, and will test your abilities to fight fresh fish. Be ready for some drag smoking runs and some aerial acrobatics. These fish are awesome, and again they are HOT HOT HOT! The Yuba River was fihnisg great until these storms came in. Even thought the Yuba is at 2000cfs, it’s Deer Creek that’s giving the Yuba some trouble and that chocolate milk color, its flowing at 3000cfs. We will need almost 2 weeks without rain for the Yuba to come back into fishable shape. The good thing about the chocolate milk is that it’s giving the trout and steelhead time and cover to spawn without being harassed by fisherman or predators. Once the water clarity comes back to normal, expect it to be time for skwala stones, march browns, mayflys, small red copper johns and san juan worms to be the go to bugs, and having a glo bug or unreal egg would be a good choice to have in your box too. On this river I like to use my 10’6” Redington 5wt switch, and feel that a 10ft 5wt is awesome on this river, and when this river is gin clear the only tippet I use is fluoro 2x-4x. This fish are hot and probably pound for pound the best fighting trout in the state, so be ready. The average fish on the Yuba is 14-17” with many pushing the 20” mark, and an occasional fish over 20”. But again these fish are hot to trot, and it’s one of my favorite rivers in the state. All these flys that I have mentioned can all be purchased at Mosquito Creek, as well as tippet, indicators, shot and anything else needed for your fly fihnisg excursion. And if you need a new set up for one of these rivers they have exactly what you need. If you are looking to book either a drift trip or a walk and wade trip, and you book it through Mosquito Creek Outfitters or call me or email me and state that you read this post you will receive a $50 discount on a full day or $25 on a half day. Book your trip now before it’s too late. FYI to all, from June till October I will be guiding in Alaska. Even though I will be out of state you can still book a trip for when I get back. October is a great time on all Sac Valley Rivers, all those stated in this post will be on fire when I get back. If you are looking to book a trip with me after I get back, don’t worry you will still have that opportunity. I will leave the proper contact information with Mosquito Creek Outfitters, as well as on my website under my contact info.

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