The Great Outdoors Survival Apps

As the saying goes, hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than rain or an unexpected incident. Any outdoor trip preparation would not be complete without an emergency backup plan in case something goes wrong, like getting lost or hurt. When this happens in a remote area it is comforting to know that the knowledge to handle any situation is stored in the one device that goes everywhere… your smartphone. Here are a few survival apps that are packed with information that could save your life.

Bootprint Pocket Survival– If found in a situation of being lost, this app saves the last strongest cell phone tower location and does not need pre-loaded maps or a cell signal to work. (iphone)

Compass Plus– A lack of cell signal is not a problem with this app. GPS coverage is all it needs to operate. The GPS will give a straight route back to the last saved location. (iphone)

SAS Survival– This is the app version of John Lofty Wiseman’s bestselling book SAS Survival Guide.  Not only is it equipped with survival tip videos, it also contains a survival checklist, a sun compass and a section on surviving extreme climate conditions. (iphone)

Survive It– A military level survival guide manual loaded with information on survival planning, obtaining food and water, poisonous plants and basically everything else. (iphone)

Survival Guide– Based on the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76 this app is a complete reference guide to surviving outdoors. (Android)

US Survival Guide– A military grade manual that covers everything from psychology of survival to signaling for help. (Android)

I hope I am never in a situation where I would need such an app, but it gives me peace of mind to know that I have access to it. Of course, if I run into a bear in the woods, I doubt he would give me pause to find out how to deal with the situation.


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