Scuba Diving: Underwater Adventures

“If you’re truly an adventure traveler, you’re missing out on a major opportunity [by not diving].”

With summer fast approaching thoughts of warm, tropical islands and thrilling ocean activities fill my head. Learning to scuba dive and dive exotic locals is on my travel bucket list and something I cannot wait to try. When I snorkel just below the surface I experience a world that is peaceful and wonderous. Imagine what it would be like to go very deep to experience the types of marine life that live in the dark, colder waters. Or to check out one of the over 3 million shipwrecks where sea life has taken up residency and made it its own.

Here is an article by Blane Bachelor about getting PADI certified and the benefits that come along with it. Once certified, there are over 30 different specialty courses, anywhere from wreck diving to cavern diving, to choose from that will take the adventures of diving to a whole new (deeper) level.



  1. If you come and learn diving with us in the Philippines, we’d love to show you a few of those three million wrecks! =) Seriously though – get certified, it’s a wonderful world down there!

    • Soren, I think that is a GREAT idea! You can count me in on coming by to visit you in the Philippines one of these days. 🙂

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