Kayaking 13,000 Feet Above Water

Basic skydiving. Is it passé? It seems to be morphing with other sports to give it that added adrenaline kick that maybe has waned from the sport. Skyaking is the result of a dare. Miles Daisher is an extreme sports enthusiast who was bored with skydiving and jumped out of a plane strapped in a kayak purely on a dare (I wonder what he would do on a double dare?).

This relatively new sport can be done anywhere in any country as long as there’s water to land on. Coming down is much slower than skydiving (160-180 mph) or BASE jumping (120 mph). The weight of the kayak slows the speed down to 98 mph and more balancing is needed for a successful jump due to the size of the kayak. The landings look like fun and hey, no paddles are needed.

What do I like most about skyaking and, in an earlier post, wingsuit flying? The creativity and guts of these guys to take the extreme to a whole new level. I eagerly await the next outrageous coupling of two sports.


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