Fringe Elements

“…climbers should be allowed to pursue what ever climbing techniques they like…”

Adventure Junkie drew my attention to an adventure series of videos by National Geographic Adventure called Fringe Elements. He specifically talks about rock climber Matt Maddaloni and a circus style safety net he created to release him from the ropes that bind during climbing. There is no doubt that free soloing is a physical challenge, but without the use of ropes it is even more of a mental challenge to stay connected to the rock. If a climber falls, a climber can die. There are no do overs in that scenario. But with a net, the odds just got a lot better.

As I went through the videos in this series that also included mountaineering, kayaking, snowboarding and even adventure filmmaking, it was the ultra trail running that caught my eye. I run and getting off the hard pavement and into the dirt amongst the tall trees and lush, green ferns while maneuvering over creeks and tree roots makes my runs so much more enjoyable. But running 100 miles in 24 hours? That takes dedication and that is what ultramarathon runner Krissy Moehl has in spades. I can only dream of that kind of perseverance, but the video motivated me to push myself harder while running.

These endurance sports enthusiasts prove that if we can successfully push ourselves past our limits, then there are personal rewards for our accomplishments waiting on the other side.

– Angelique

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