10 Great Shark Diving Destinations

Shark diving is one of those extraordinary thrilling experiences that will not be soon forgotten. The best place to have an unforgettable experience like shark diving is in a great location where the sharks’ food source is plentiful.

1. Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Cocos Island is the tip of an ancient volcanic mountain and, due to its abundant marine life it, was granted World Heritage status. This beautiful remote island is an ocean oasis with four mountain peaks and is the only tropical eastern Pacific island with a tropical rainforest. The underwater landscape consists of stepwise shelves with almost no intertidal zone, a submerged shallow reef that culminates in sand at the edge of a deep trench.
[Sharks: Black Tips, Hammerheads, Silkies, Silver Tips, White Tips]

2. Rocas Atoll, Brazil
Rocas Atoll is a World Heritage site, a wildlife sanctuary, a biological reserve and is used solely for scientific research. Its tourism is regulated to help preserve land and sea life. Coral and red algae are the main ingredients in this volcanic atoll and the coral ring is almost completely closed. The surrounding warm waters sustain a rich habitat for breeding and feeding of marine life.
[Sharks: Lemons, Nurses, Reefs]

3. Nassau, Bahamas
This island sits in the clear, azure blue waters of the world’s third largest barrier reef. Nassau is a smorgasbord for sharks due to the abundance of sea life that flourishes here. This sea life is nurtured by a combination of coral reefs, grass flats, mangroves, lagoons, shallow areas, sheer drops, rocky ledges and sandy shores.
[Sharks: Hammerheads, Lemons, Nurses, Reefs, Tigers]

4. Rhode Island, USA
What Rhode Island lacks as being considered an exotic location with warm tropical waters and pristine beaches it makes up for in sharks. The frigid cold Atlantic water is a pit stop for blue sharks migrating to the coast of South America and can be easily seen sunning themselves near the surface. Makos are more flashy and are often found jumping several feet out of the water.
[Sharks: Blues, Makos]

5. Beqa Island, Fiji
Beqa’s lagoon is more than 100 square miles and has a 40-mile long coral reef that is the rim of an extinct volcano crater. It boasts an abundance of brilliant soft coral forests teeming with marine life that attracts a large variety of sharks.
[Sharks: Bulls, Lemons, Nurses, Reefs, Tigers]

6. Neptune Island, Australia
This is a rich hunting ground for great whites in South Australia. Areas around the island have large saddles of rock that run out into deep water and are home to thousands of colorful reef fish. This setting is a perfect, beautiful backdrop for the cruising sharks because they can look for food near the surface and then return back down into the deeper, colder water.
[Sharks: Great Whites]

7. Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines
Malapascua was first known for its wide white sandy Bounty Beach. This tropical haven off the tip of Cebu is now also known for excellent diving spots. It has a diverse variety of marine life and an underwater plateau on the edge of a 650 ft drop off where thresher sharks are seen regularly.
[Sharks: Bamboos, Hammerheads, Nurses, Reefs, Threshers, Whales]

8. Gansbaai, South Africa
50,000 Cape fur seals and 10,000 African penguins, the great white shark’s favorite food, call the islands of Geyser Rock and Dyer home. The sharks wait in the shallow narrow channel, known as shark alley, that separates these two islands. The combination of food quantity and ideal hunting conditions makes it quite advantageous for sharks.
[Sharks: Great Whites]

 9. Mozambique, Africa
Now with its guerrilla war in its past, Mozambique can safely offer the world pristine beaches, warm waters and unspoiled reefs to enjoy. These shallow reefs are so close to the continental shelf that it makes it the ideal setting for diving and seeing the gentle giants of the deep, the whale sharks.
[Sharks: Whales]

10. Guadalupe Island, Mexico
This isolated volcanic island consists of two ancient overlapping shield volcanoes and the shoreline is dotted with lava caves and tubes. The landscape is rough and rugged and part of the island has an elevation of 4,200 feet making the vistas breathtaking. It is also the prime breeding grounds for the Guadalupe fur seals, the reason the sharks come here to hunt.
[Sharks: Great Whites, Pacific Blues]

Any one of these destinations is bound to give you the shark experience you crave. And if you do get up close and personal with the most deadliest of sharks, then here is a good link for tips on how to behave in their company.


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