Yosemite’s Half Dome Permits- Procrastinate and You’ll Miss Out

“It’s the most popular hike in the park.”

If you’re a hiker and want to spontaneously go to Yosemite and climb Half Dome, think again. A bit more planning is needed and a permit is required 7 days per week.

Tom Stienstra writes about how crowded the Half Dome Trail gets in summer and how fast the permits get snatched up once they become available.

There are two ways to avoid the permit requirement and still get on Half Dome.  If you’re a backpacker with a wilderness permit you can obtain a Half Dome permit with no reservations required when you pick up your wilderness permit. If you’re a rock climber and summit the top of Half Dome without going through the subdome area, then you can descend Half Dome via the Half Dome Trail without a permit.

Plan early for your trip to Yosemite. There are only 400 permits issued a day so get ‘em while they’re hot.


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