When Nature Calls, You Gotta Go

As an adventure traveler you want to be one with nature. And one of the most basic functions of nature is using the bathroom. At some point we have all gone behind the bushes near biking trails, near the rocks on a climbing trip or behind a yucca tree in the desert while trekking. I have seen some pretty interesting “toilets” on my travels that would make you praise the toilet facilities at your local gas station.

The toilet on my African safari consisted of a hole in the ground dug by my guide with a metal frame stand and a seat perched on top. I was supplied with a shovel, a candle, a box of matches and toilet paper. Luckily it was surrounded by natural foliage for privacy, but that did not stop an elephant from coming uncomfortably close to my “bathroom” to eat from the nearby palm tree while I did my business. It’s amazing how quick I can be if need be.

The small towns of Tibet, like Gyantse, really show how poor this country is.  I was in awe visiting monasteries with their richly bejeweled buddhas, yet mortified when I discovered that a public trough was all that was available to relieve myself in.

On my Mt. Everest trek I found the facilities to be surprisingly private with an actual tent protecting me from the harsh elements and a few donkeys thrown in for atmosphere.


Out in the bush in Australia I was pleased when a regular bathroom appeared and if it was merely just a Porta-Potty at least it gave me instructions on how to use it.

The porcelain toilet will not always be in the best sanitary condition or even there at all on my adventures (which can be an adventure in itself). So no matter where I travel to I always make sure I have packed these 3 items…

  • Seat Covers
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand Sanitizer

Plus it always helps to keep my knees strong in case I have no other option but to squat and hover.


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