We Have All Got Baggage

No one set of luggage can cover every type of trip. Some trips have weight restrictions while others have size restrictions. Wheeled luggage does not belong in a place that has no pavement. I have luggage for adventure trips, luggage for luxury trips, weekend luggage and overnight luggage.

When it comes to adventure luggage whether mine sits on the back of a yak or on the back of a safari truck, it has to be durable. The one bag in my collection that I found to be best in this category is the Safari Beanos Bag by Red Oxx MFG, Inc. It is constructed extremely well and can take plenty of abuse. There are more compartments than I can fill and my favorite feature is the rubber shoulder strap that makes carrying this bag easy on my shoulders. Who hasn’t had the dreaded shoulder strap imprint from a nylon strap? I like it so much that I have started using it for weekend trips as well. I recommend checking out this line of luggage for your next adventure into the wild.


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