Human Flight in Monterrey, Mexico

Now take this sport to a breathtaking location. Monterrey, Mexico is known as the “city of mountains” and is located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental.  Its majestic mountain peaks attract mountaineers, rock climbers, hikers and Batman:

Wingsuit flying is a a crazy new activity that lets humans soar through the air in a wingsuit, a special jumpsuit designed to shape the human body into an airfoil that gives the flyer lift. It is skydiving and base-jumping on steroids. With forward speeds around 100 mph, I think it’s bound to get any adventure’s adrenaline bumping.

Wingsuit flying, although perhaps a bit too dangerous for my tastes, is another example of the ingenuity of people to push the boundaries of the status quo.  Although, whoever thought, “This skydiving and base-jumping thing: stale.  Need something more intense,” is a twisted person.  The results, however, are awesome.


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