U.S. Customs Global Entry Cards

We have all experienced this before. We arrive home after a long international flight, the plane pulls up to the gate and the seat belt sign goes off. That is our cue to begin the mad dash out of the plane and through the terminal to hurry up and wait in the slow customs lines.

Well, we can relax. Now U.S. Customs is offering Global Entry Cards so we do not have to wait in the lines when reentering the U.S.

Global Entry is a program that allows travelers to be issued a pass to skip the customs lines and check in at a kiosk in minutes.”

I came across this article from Gaby Varela that anyone who has sat in U.S. Customs for any length of time will appreciate. There is some upfront paperwork and an interview involved, but once approved, it will be quicker to get through customs. I find it appealing that one of the benefits is that other countries are getting on board with this program and allowing U.S. citizens to clear their customs faster as well.

By skipping the customs lines I will have more time to get a good position at the baggage carousel.


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