Tubing at Gorgoza Park

Park City, Utah offers night activities such as fresh powder skiing, snowboarding and also tubing. Bundled up in the warmest snow clothes to protect against the frigid night air I made my way to the ample selection of heavy-duty snow tubes that were equipped with handles. These were definitely not the simplistic, inflatable rubber tubes of my childhood.

I schlepped my tube up to the conveyor lift and exited 390 feet later at the 3 beginner runs for a quick refresh. The big grin that came at the start of the run was now plastered on my face due to happiness and the cold wind. Back onto the lift, then onward to the upper rope tow that deposited me at the top of the hill with 4 advanced tubing lanes to choose from.

Although there is the option to ride with up to 4 riders at a time, I chose to hurdle myself down the smooth, hard surface and up and over the bumps solo. I was advised to lay stomach down on the tube versus sitting upright for a more exhilarating ride. I learned a few things on the way down. 1) Control the direction of the tube with each leg. 2) Lifting the torso off the tube just before the bumps will achieve more air. 3) Legs up increases speed as opposed to dragging them behind the tube. I found myself racing to get up the hill each time to get as many runs in as I could in the time I had. My inner child has been reminded of how much fun tubing still is.

Go tubing, give your legs the night off from shredding the mountain and feel like a kid again.


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