Currency Apps: Making Sense of Dollars Overseas

In today’s economy, the currency rate is a big factor when I’m planning my next travel destination. It determines if I can afford to see and do all the things I plan with the budget I’ve allotted.

Like airfares, the world currency rates are constantly changing. It might be a great rate when I first start planning my trip, but by the time I get there six to nine months later, it could get worse. That possible disadvantage is also taken into account when budgeting my expenses and by doing so allows myself some wiggle room.

Whether I’m visiting one country or three, it makes sense to me to stay on top of the currency exchange rates so I get my money’s worth and also don’t overspend. My “go to” phone app is XE Currency (iphone, Android and Blackberry). It’s accurate, reliable, has a built in calculator and is easy to use. I also recommend Currency Converter HD (iphone) and Currency (iphone and Android).

So, if I find myself in an Argentinean marketplace deciding whether a pair of trekking poles for a Patagonia trek is a good price in Argentine pesos, I know I have the answer right at my fingertips.


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