A Guru to Help Find a Good Airplane Seat

Flying economy class needs to be as enjoyable as possible and a good seat can make all the difference, especially on long-haul flights. As seasoned travelers we know that all seats are not created equal. We really cannot control who sits around us, but to some degree, we can control where we sit.

Some airlines block available seats until the last minute and it is hard to get the coveted bulkhead and exit aisle seats. Those seats cannot even be requested until you are at the gate. I personally prefer to sit next to the window on the left side of the plane, just behind the wing. So when I am booking my ticket and reserving my seat I am also checking out SeatGuru.com to find which are the best of the available seats on my particular flight.

Among other things it comments about each seat per aircraft- which ones are good, have drawbacks, seat pitch, seat width and which ones have a power port. This information makes finding a good seat much easier.

Unfortunately SeatGuru can’t help us avoid the armrest hog, the seat-kicking child or the inconsiderate recliner. I think pure luck is needed for that.


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