Watersports in the Caribbean

Bob Friel writes:

Virgin Gorda’s North Sound is wet-spot zero here in the world’s greatest water-sports playground – an unofficial title, granted (by me) after Sir Richard Brandson was photographed here kiteboarding with a naked supermodel clinging to his back like a spider monkey.”

There used to be rum runners in the Caribbean. Now there are all sorts of new board runners… surfboarders, paddleboarders, kiteboarders. I have spent many days snorkeling in the clear waters off the British Virgin Islands, swimming quietly underneath the surface amongst the sea life — sea turtles and stingrays — as my skin became increasingly pruney from prolonged water exposure. But to read Bob Friel’s tales makes me want to try some fun up on the surface.

The Caribbean offers so many activities on the sea that there should be no time to get bored.


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