Seek To Explore New Zealand’s Adventures (1 of 5)

I went to New Zealand for the main purpose of doing as many extreme sports as I could. In what I think is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, I found several adventures that will challenge and thrill.  I’ll share my top 5 with you over the next few days. The first place I want to take you is underground.

Caving in Waitomo

Suited up in an extra thick wetsuit that made me feel like an Emperor penguin, I felt the excitement of my first 100 meter abseil. With my recent cow tails lesson (Kiwi for carabiners) replaying in my head, I descended down into the sinkhole and was not able to see the end of the rope that disappeared into an abyss of lush plants, moss and an eerie, misty glow. As I left the daylight behind and reached the cave floor I was in awe at how beautiful this world was.

My 7-hour journey in this lost world required me to rock climb, swim upstream, trek in complete darkness, rock jump, boulder crawl and walk through waterfalls. Nearing the end I experienced the serene pleasure of lying down on cool, damp boulders in complete darkness while looking up at thousands of glowworms. It’s like looking at an underground Milky Way.

Coming back into the light and sitting down to a Kiwi BBQ I realized the physical workout I just went through. Reliving the day again over a drink at Curly’s Bar that evening with my adventure mates was so worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience immensely and came to the same conclusion that our muscles would be sore in the morning.


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