Hello. Please. Thank You. Goodbye.

Bonjour. S’il vous plait. Merci. Au Revoir.

I think it is a sign of courtesy when visiting a foreign country to know the basics of the language. I found this coupled with a smile goes a long way. Sometimes it’s not easy to remember completely the conversational words and phrases of a language before a trip. It helps me to have a cheat sheet in the form of a phone app. In the past I’ve used Lingopal and CoolGorilla because they’re accurate talking phrasebooks that are easier to carry around than an actual phrasebook.

As the old saying goes, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”  Making the effort to connect with the locals in their language really goes a long way.  They don’t expect you to be able to be C3PO, but the attempt is a humble way of breaking the ice and making a deeper connection. N’est pas?


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