Diseases Spreading into the Western World

Passport- √

Airline tickets- √

Chikungunya fever vaccination*- Huh?

But I think, “I’m going to France, not a third world country.” Diseases spreading into the western world are increasing and the informed traveler needs to be aware of what diseases are active in what parts of the world.   So if a vaccination is available, administering it before the trip can save you a lot of discomfort or even your life.

I came across Passport Health when I needed malaria tablets for my African safari. Unlike my doctor’s office that didn’t carry the vaccination, Passport to Health had them readily available. Their website has plenty of information regarding what breakouts are happening where, immunizations, even travel insurance. They also supplied me with an immunization card to carry with me on all my trips. Be prepared- your health is the last thing you want to worry about while traveling.

*At present scientists are working on a vaccination for Chikungunya fever. Mosquito nets and insect repellents are recommended at this time.


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