Introduction – Ricky Bribiesca

My name is Ricky Bribiesca. I’m what you might regard as someone who has one eye on the task at hand and the other searching the open horizon longingly. That means any chance I get to indulge in packing a backpack, ignoring the suspicious look of my cat and heading out the door, I’m all over it.

Born and raised in New Zealand, I currently live in Seattle but have spent many years traveling the world. Maybe growing up at the bottom of the planet implies that once you get a chance to leave its shores you just keep going. Whatever the truth is, there’s something about the experience of gazing at the Himalayas, drifting down a swampy river in Cambodia’s jungles or exploring Guatemala’s ancient Mayan cities that compels me to write about them. Perhaps it’s a desire to capture those sublime moments before they dissolve or maybe it’s just a declaration of gratitude to the travel Gods for making it back in one piece! Call it what you will, it’s in me and it’s a pleasure to share.

In doing so, I hope I can offer everyone a glimpse into some of these adventures, whether it is the wild, beautiful panoramas, the sensory assaults or the often humorous and moving encounters along the way.

I would be amiss not to mention the fact that many of these tales were shared by my wife, Lilliana. She is a kindred spirit and soul sister that knows what it means to turn her back on a real job and dive into the unknown. Together we have wandered through many lands.

I can only hope there are plenty to follow.

After all, the road is endless…

– Ricky


  1. How awesome and generous of you to finally share your adventures, Ricky! Still looking forward to a visit from you guys— it’s been a while since our paths crossed. Blessing to you and Lily!

  2. Thank goodness for Lilliana. After reading your intro out loud, Debbie (my wife) said,”I want to marry that man!”

    Pete “currently planning Egypt & Jordan”

  3. Hello! So happy the time has come to read more of your travel adventures and life’s journey’s my friend. You are a true inspiration! Rock On.

  4. Ricky,
    Give up this traveling / writing nonsense. Go back to work at a constructive, rock solid job. Happiness and success are better defined by your superiors.


  5. Looking forward to more of your humor, stories, and insights with great delight. Congrats to Eric and all for having you on their team and visa versa!

  6. Really great writing, Ricky. I can’t wait to read more. Gives wings to my earthbound hum-drum existence!!

  7. “Couldn’t help reading and reading and…
    read with a smile on my face:
    India indeed!
    great writing ‘s style with feelings that pull you in…
    Bravo Ricky!”

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