Introducing Our Adventure Writers

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to our travel writers: Angelique Coffee and Ricky Bribiesca.  PathWrangler is getting very close to it’s initial product release, but we are also going to have two amazing people who will be writing here on the blog regularly about their own travels, as well as bringing to attention some topics, trends and interesting stuff that is happening in the adventure travel world.

Angelique Coffee and I have been close friends for close to a decade now.  One of the elements of our bond has been our passion for traveling.  Angelique and I have had a number of adventures together, but the pinnacle of that experience was spending a month in Tibet together back in 2007.  For those of you keeping score at home, that would be the same trip where I met my friend and co-Founder Eric Remza on the North Side of Mt Everest.  Angelique is one of the most passionate and driven travelers that I have ever met.  To say she is a guru of trip planning is an understatement; she is more of a sensei.

Ricky comes to us through a close friendship with Eric.  When we were throwing the idea around of having dedicated writers to write for us here, Eric brought up Ricky before I could even finish my sentence.  After speaking with Ricky on the phone for over an hour the first time, I was immediately infected by his passion, fun-loving attitude and his Kiwi Accent.  Then I saw some of his writing and was blown away by his chops.

So I’m going to be turning the blog keys over to Ricky and Angelique so you can read some fantastic adventure travel and outdoor writing for the foreseeable future.  The Founders will continue to poke their heads in here and there, but we are really looking forward to reading what these two have to share.


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