Language in Common Joins PathWrangler

The ride begins.  PathWrangler will begin work with the best UX guys in the business starting next week: Language in Common.  Axel, Josh and I worked together for over a year on another start-up project and, not only are they extremely talented, they were the most fun and interesting guys I’ve ever worked with in my career.  I’m so excited to get back to work with them.

In fact, they played a large part in naming the company PathWrangler.  As we were working on our previous project, I told Axel about this adventure travel app that I was working on and how much I sucked at naming things.  I found out that Axel spent his early career at an agency coming up with cool names for stuff and generously offered to do a “naming workshop” with Josh and our team.

You can see "pathwrangler" halfway down on the left column.

Eric flew down from Seattle and we all crammed into my luxurious shoebox.  The only hitch was, Axel was coming down with swine flu and, although he looked and felt like he had been run over by a truck, he’s hardcore and rallied.  We then spent the next few hours writing down hundreds of names, eating pizza and drinking beer and coffee.  My favorite name that came out of that session was “Captain Calamari.”

We typed all the names up, did a bulk URL search and found that only 15 of them were available (sadly, was taken).  After a copyright analysis was done we all settled on PathWrangler.

They also designed our groovy little logo a few months later.

Anyway, we have had a great history together with some battle scars from our previous venture together.  Give ’em a big welcome – they’re going to play a big part in making this thing happen!


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