Ueli Steck Climbs and Paraglides Three Eiger Region Peaks in One Day

Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck had a simple one-day itinerary for a warm summer day last month in the Eiger Region of the Bernese Alps of Switzerland.  His idea was to paraglide to his starting point and climb Jungfrau (13,642 ft.).   From the summit he would proceed to paraglide to the base of Mönch (13,481 ft.) and climb it.  From that summit, he would pull his paraglider out again and fly over to his next landing and his third climb of the day: the Eiger (13,025 ft.).  From there it was all down wind paragliding to the spot where he would pick up his ride home.

Eiger – Mönch – Jungfrau


To fly means something completely new to me.  You need a lot of patience if you want to have good conditions to be able to fly and climb at the same time.  I had this idea of flying and climbing for a long time.  I am happy that it worked.

Thanks to Adventure Blog for sharing this story.  Although I can’t imagine what it must take to scale three mountains in one day I have done some paragliding and to me that seemed to add a quite a bit of extra thrill to this ambitious endeavor.

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